7. Staff and Management Team

7.1.Our Key Personnel

Our management team gained their professional experience working in other institutions or

missionary projects. The turnover of key personnel is low and they have an average of 4.8 years at

Red ADvenir (the network itself has been in existence for a little less than seven years).

7.1.1. Director

Richard Carrera is our current Director. A Trinidadian born, he completed studies in the

United States and joined Red ADvenir in 2004. He is responsible for the management of day-to-day

operations which include: overseeing all TV productions, managing the Spanish and Portuguese

teams, involvement in projects of other networks for which Red ADvenir uplinks the signal,

planning of TV expansion projects (either in Bolivia or worldwide), and cooperating with other GMI

projects on Bolivian territory. During his years as director he oversaw the successful implementation

of critical expansion and restructuring projects, including:

Personnel and management restructuring in 2006-2007 (at that time operations were

realigned, financial costs were reduced by 30% and employed personnel was reduced by


Integration, restructuring and launch of programming in Portuguese, with a local

production team from Bolivia in 2008-2009.


Uplink of three additional channels (two English channels and a Portuguese one) from

Bolivia, which included the move from a man-based switching system to an automated

solution (in 2009).

7.1.2.Legal Representative

Jenny Mendoza acts as legal representative for Red ADvenir and for A.S.D.E.I.H,2 the umbrella

organization representing all GMI projects in Bolivia. She has much international experience,

especially in missionary work. She worked for years in Germany as a musical artist before her

conversion to Christianity. She also worked in Florida, United States, for Hispanic Americans in

evangelization and social services. After this experience, she returned to her native country of

Bolivia, and started missionary work there. For the last ten years she has been working with a prison

ministry that provides social and medical services to the inmate population of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

She is the Bolivian co-founder of the Red ADvenir TV and before taking the legal representative role

full time, she was involved in other areas of TV operations, including programming. Her job as legal

representative requires constant liaison with local and national government officials. She ensures

that existing as well as new GMI ministries operate within the law. In the last years she has

successfully spearheaded the following changes:

A.S.D.E.I.H. is an acronym for ASociación para el DEsarrollo Integral Humanitario. Translated: “Association for the


Complete Development of Humans”. This is the GMI run umbrella organization that oversees all projects in Bolivia.


The achievement of tax exemption for imports under A.S.D.E.I.H.

Bringing to full legal status the orphanage “Familia Feliz” and the “Richard Gates Technical


The launch of Radio Altiplano.

The provision of health insurance coverage for A.S.D.E.I.H. employees working for Red

ADvenir TV.

7.1.3. Personnel Management and Deputy Director

Patricia Peralta López is the newest addition to the management team. She joined Red

ADvenir in 2008 and brought over 10 years of experience in various senior administrative roles,

both for secular and for denominational institutions, in areas of accounting, administration, human

resources and logistics. She presently acts as the Director´s deputy and assists in organizational and

secretarial matters. She is also in charge of human resources. This is a delicate position where she

has to balance volunteers, employees, different cultures, nationalities, and potential tensions between

local and international workforce. Her role has proven critical to the strong growth in personnel in

the last year and a half. The workforce at the TV premises has almost doubled following the addition


of a new TV channel (Portuguese), the integration of GMI administrative personnel for South

America, and the uplink of two more channels. Among her achievements was the opening of a

special health insurance policy for volunteers, not only for the TV Channel, but also for other GMI

ministries in Bolivia. This was providential, because last year there were several accidents and the

volunteers received full hospital coverage.

7.1.4. Head of Programming and Web Development

Margareth Hernández Rios is responsible for these areas. Before joining Red ADvenir she

worked four years as Head of (IT) Systems in Aeroenios S.A., Colombia. At AD Venir, she started as a

volunteer responsible for the administration of the TV’s web page. Today, she covers a dual role. She

still manages the TV’s web services, and also oversees the Spanish programming. This is a very

demanding position, which requires:

Scheduling of programs for broadcasting 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Screening of programs.

Following or leading projects to increase the variety of programs.

Overseeing the viewers’ communication to the TV.

7.1.5.Head of Accounting

Walter Valdez Aparicio served in senior administrative positions for over 20 years in the

financial area of several denominational institutes, including the Adventist University of Bolivia, and


ADRA Bolivia. He has worked and lived in several Latin American countries and is familiar with

different regulatory and accounting environments. At Red ADvenir he is in charge of the accounting

for the TV station and A.S.D.E.I.H. He ensures that all regulatory reporting requirements are met. He

manages all financials for the TV Network across Bolivia including Radio Altiplano in La Paz, and all

the antennas under Red ADvenir in the different cities of Bolivia. He prepares monthly budgets, and

also takes care of day-to-day activities at the TV station, like managing pay roll, pension fund and

health insurance requirements. He is also in charge of security for the TV premises.

7.1.6. Evangelist and Pastoral Coordinator

Pastor Remberto Parada has 36 years experience in various roles as youth pastor, district

pastor and as church administrator. He was in charge of projects with ADRA in Mozambique, Africa

and worked as a chaplain and head of human resources for ADRA Peru. Since 2002 he works as a

chaplain and evangelist for Red ADvenir. He is the liaison with local and international church

administration, and supports the network with all religious and church administrative issues. He

coordinates evangelistic campaigns both in Bolivia and internationally. He has recorded a number of

series for the TV Channel and has served as past administrator as well. He is active in addressing

pastoral concerns by personnel or viewers and supports the programming department on

theological issues.


7.1.7. Engineering:

Kelvin Flores worked as a technical engineer in the Universidad Evangélica Boliviana and

Red Uno of Bolivia. He gained much experience in technical systems and production. Currently, he

is in charge of maintenance for technical equipment at the network. He develops and improves the

technology systems for the TV station, oversees the maintenance of the antennas (in Bolivia) and the

satellite uplink system. He is responsible for supporting our viewers with technical questions and

helps cable companies to activate our channel. Some of his achievements are the:

activation of six channels for uplink (four of which are live).

migration from a manual to an automated switching system.

design and installation of low cost transmitters for small rural regions.

use of lesser known, but significantly cheaper technologies, for various aspects of

broadcasting. Some of these are in-house inventions and others come from China. The

savings run in the tens of thousands of US Dollars.

7.2. What motivates one to work as a volunteer at Red AD Venir


These testimonies of a few volunteer explain why volunteers are working at the TV channel.

7.2.1. Students:

Students mostly come to the channel because they are studying a career in Media (TV, Film,

Multimedia, Communications, Graphics), they usually have already some experience in the area of

TV and they are active in the areas of production, editing, graphics, and sometimes even in the

creation of programs. There are other students with different skill sets that also participate as

volunteers, although they are not as many. These are usually involved in the area of administration,

secretarial work, and clerical work within the programming department, etc...

Students come during vacation periods (summer break) or they take a year off from their studies to

volunteer at the station. Some of them want to increase their experience in the area of broadcasting,

while others are eager to have an experience in the mission field. All want to contribute in one way

or the other to the work of God.

Brenton came from Australia, speaking little Spanish and wanting to learn how to do Television

Broadcasting in South America (this can be very different from first world countries). He worked at

a number of projects. Learned how to speak very good Spanish and he was able to interact very well

with both personnel and volunteers.

Some other students come right after graduation and give a year or some months of volunteering.

This often changes their perspective on what jobs to look for in life. Ferran came from Spain after his

graduation from university in the area of Multimedia. He was active both in web design (he had


developed several sites for the church and church related associations in the past) and he was also

involved in the production of TV programs. He came with the conviction that truth needed to be

known and spread. The belief that we should all be a part of this work, led him to make the long trip

to Bolivia. After his experience in Bolivia, he chose to do further volunteer work in Singapore. His

focus remains on advancing the Lord’s work.

7.2.2 Young professionals:

Young professionals often come to the channel because of the inner conviction that God wants them

to invest more time in His work. They bring work experience and often accept positions of

responsibility to carry forward the work.

Margareth came to the channel after having worked several years in the IT department of a logistic

company in Colombia. It was a big decision for her to leave her job (her regular income) and come

for an initial year to volunteer at Red AD Venir TV in Bolivia. She was convinced that time was

running out and that she needed to do something for the Lord Jesus. At the Channel, after a brief

hand-over, she took over the management and development of the web site for Red AD Venir. She

had to learn to use new technologies and work much more with graphics. Under her leadership the

website expanded to include a lot more announcements of programs at the TV channel. She

eventually chose to stay longer at the channel. During this period she met another volunteer at the

TV Channel, Adonias and they eventually married. She is now director of programming. This is a


critical position that requires knowledge of both the programs and the philosophy behind the

programs. She is the main link between the audience and the channel. She is also involved in the

making of some programs and continues to be involved in web maintenance as time permits.

After that first year of experience, seeing how God had provided for her sustenance, she decided to

trust God for a much longer period of time and she is now engaged in the work of the ministry as a

long term volunteer.

7.2.3. Older professionals and families:

Scott came with his family from the USA shortly after the opening of the TV station. He took

technical control of programs production at the station. He has decades of experience in TV, both

with secular and religious organizations. He trained workers in Bolivia and was pivotal in arranging

the technology and a number of components for the TV Studio. The production and technology at

the TV studio still bear his mark today. He was asked by David Gates to come and be a part of the

ministry for a couple of years. He took the challenge, even though he knew that his salary would not

be sure. He moved with his family to Bolivia. This was a totally new experience for the whole family

and Scott still shares the experience as something that was different and challenging in a positive

way. Scott continues to assist the ministry from the US when needed.

Daniel came with his family several years after the station had been in operation; he brought his

expertise in the areas of accounting, IT and languages. He worked in all of these areas: strengthening


the administration, accounting and IT departments. He contributed to the translation and recordings

of several projects and continues to be active with the Red ADvenir, although no longer in Bolivia.

He came to Bolivia with the conviction that had been growing in him for several years; that he

needed to invest more time in the Lord’s work. He had been looking for a couple of years for

opportunities in the TV field. His study in prophecy brought him to the conclusion that God would

once again bring a great revival to earth and that many would work to share the good news of

Christ’s return. He met David Gates, during one of his visits to Switzerland. And found himself in

agreement with the philosophy of the ministry. He decided to go with his family for one year to

Bolivia. The experience proved challenging (as mission work often is), but brought also special

satisfaction, as he saw how God was using willing talent to reach millions.