Marketing Plan

4.1.Volunteers as Ambassadors for Red ADvenir

Red ADvenir works as a non-profit organization together with many volunteers (local and

international). Volunteers are natural promoters of the work carried at Red ADvenir. Their

experiences, difficulties, and answers to prayer, all serve to encourage others to service.

Traditionally, the impact of volunteers has been mostly limited to their friends, relatives, and

local church community. We would like to share their enthusiasm with the Spanish speaking

community, in an effort to widen our public relations circle.

4.1.1. Red ADvenir and Youth Congresses

In recent years, Red ADvenir has participated in youth congresses, and lately, it has been

active in the organization of youth congresses in Latin America under the theme “Fe Extrema”

(Extreme Faith). The first of such congresses was held November, 2008, at Montemorelos University,

Mexico. The next one is scheduled to take place in 2010 at the Universidad Nacional Adventista de

Colombia (Colombian Adventist University), in Medellín, Colombia. These congresses follow the

pattern of similar events organized by the General Youth Conference movement in the United States.

Staff from the network are actively involved in the planning and execution of these congresses,

considering areas of a technical and organizational nature such as marketing, spots and video clips,


media coverage, Red AD Venir’s agenda for speakers, logistics and crew for support of local staff.

We continue looking at ways to increase our participation in youth congresses.


Volunteers and International Adventist (Youth) Congresses:

We believe that young volunteers can raise awareness at international and national Adventist

youth congresses. We can support the volunteers by providing an audiovisual presentation which

highlights different aspects of the network and includes testimonies of former volunteers and/ or

their own experience as volunteers. The presentation could also inform about jobs available at the

network, at other projects in Bolivia and in other fields where GMI operates. Currently, it would be

best, to reproduce this material in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese).

4.1.3. Increase Cooperation Among Former Volunteers:

Our efforts are not limited to current volunteers. Over the next months, Red ADvenir will

build up a network for our former volunteers. This network will serve to encourage them to

promote our services, while at the same time, it will create a platform for long term relations among


This relationship network will address various topics including, personal experiences while

serving at Red ADvenir, current field of work (whether in the mission field or not), open positions

available for missionary work, information on how to promote Red ADvenir in their neighborhoods,

and how they can continue supporting the activities of the network. An open invitation to become

part of the network of former volunteers will also be available.


4.2.Our Viewers

Much of the network´s promotion is done by faithful viewers. Often, we get e-mails and

telephone calls from viewers who promote our channel in their neighborhoods.

4.2.1. How to View Red ADvenir

Currently, there are four ways of viewing our programming:

a) Antenna: Sometimes we get enquiries from churches or groups of persons in Bolivia who

want to receive our signal via air. Firstly, we survey the region and estimate the total costs

(including: licenses, antenna, transmitters and the possibility of renting a tower). In most cases our

estimate and proposals are accepted by the requesting group and we are able to proceed with the

project. We send our technical team to support and we conclude a contract about the licenses.

Currently Red AD Venir is in contact with churches who are implementing this antenna project..

b) Cable: In countries where cable companies are willing to air our signal, Red ADvenir can

be viewed on local cable channels. Technical support and information about how to get access via

cable is often provided to viewers of different countries.

c) Satellite: Viewers with a satellite dish can receive our signal in the Americas and Europe.

Technical information is provided for requesting viewers.


d) Internet-Stream: This service allows viewing of our programs from anywhere in the world

using the internet. We support our viewers with technical issues and we get responses even from

immigrant communities as far as Japan.

4.2.2. Viewers´ Support

Traditionally, a marketing campaign can be a very expensive venture. However, our costs in

this regard are much less than expected, thanks to the cooperation of our viewers. In God’s

providence, they have contributed to making Red ADvenir an influential and significant channel in

several regions of the world. To help and support our viewers in their spiritual life and in their

efforts to promote our channel, we intend to supply them with:

1. Technical aid to install antennas.

2. The brochure: “How can I promote Red ADvenir in my neighborhood?”

3. Assistance to promote the Network in national and international congresses.

4. The possibility to publish their personal testimonies on our homepage.


4.3.Development of a Marketing Initiative

Our network is constantly developing strategies through our Marketing and Public Relation

Personnel to promote our channel and related projects.

Potential Viewers: We are preparing a detailed brochure to introduce the operations of GMI

and Red ADvenir to our future viewers. Our goal is to reach a large spectrum of the population who

does not know Red ADvenir and to use the information provided as an important eye-catcher for

potential viewers.

Cable Companies: We are planning to offer a brochure which cable companies could

distribute to their clients.

4.4.Our Stakeholders:

Our stakeholders have a great and important influence in our work. We therefore, want to

strengthen our relations with donors, government agencies, suppliers and Adventist institutions. We

intend to share with our stakeholders: semiannual reports of financial transactions available in our

homepage, a copy of our annual business plan, and update information on our participation in

national and international events, such as those of Adventist Laymen’s Services & Industries ASI.

This informative kit will also be available in written and video format (Internet).