Red AD Venir

2.1.Who are we?

The Red ADvenir TV Network is part of a non-profit Christian satellite communication

organization. Our signals are broadcast 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

With God’s blessing, the ADvenir Network has been expanding in the proclamation of the gospel by

satellite, cable, and air signal throughout the Americas (North, Central and South), Europe and parts

of Africa, as well as by global coverage through Internet streaming.

2.2.Our mission

Our mission is to broadcast the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angels’ messages

to the world through mass media communication.

2.3.Our vision

Our vision is to be a lighthouse of God’s glory throughout the earth in these last days;

proclaiming the coming of Jesus Christ to the very end of time.


In October, 2002, Pastor David Gates acquired a television network to spread the gospel to

homes in need of Christ. This network was operating six stations in different cities of Bolivia, South



The business transaction was done by faith, committing to pay 1.5 million US dollars for the

purchase of the network. Two hundred thousand dollars were paid during a period of two years,

while the (former) owners patiently waited. Eventually, a deadline was set for the payment of the

outstanding amount. It was agreed that if the deadline was missed the network would return to the

former owners.

Believers around the world met in prayer for the Lord to manifest His power. Indeed, on

December 30, 2003, the Lord did a great miracle to preserve the network. He inspired one

consecrated individual to pay for the outstanding principal amount. From that time, the network has

grown reaching other Spanish speaking countries in the Americas, and Europe. And serving as a hub

for broadcasts in English, Portuguese and French audiences.

The Networks in these languages were also started as a project of faith. Global Family

Network, is an English speaking Network, based in the Caribbean. It has started broadcasting in

2009, following a preparation period of several years. Operations are split between the US, the

Caribbean and Bolivia, from where the TV signal is uplinked. Various Adventist Media Centers in the

Caribbean will cooperate producing material. A very good working relationship has been

established with Seventh-Day Adventist leadership in all islands. This will ensure an optimal

cooperation for evangelistic campaigns. These will combine the TV signal with local outreach.

Contacts have also been made with a large cable company and we are confident the Lord will open

doors for the signal to be broadcast by cable in several locations in the Caribbean. There are plans to


broadcast the signal in the US and in Africa. The programming carries a distinct Caribbean flavor,

with the enthusiasm and reverence characterizing religious expression.

Another English speaking TV Channel is uplinked from Bolivia, called Mission TV. It is

managed from the US and its aim is to spread the vision of mission. Its programming has a heavy

focus on mission projects far and wide. As the Lord’s work carries forward, this channel should

serve as a wonderful teaching assistant to spread the vision of the Great Commission.

Red AD Venir Portuguese was in operation for several years in Brazil as Rede AD Vir.

Operations were moved to Bolivia in 2008 and the Portuguese team was merged with the local

Spanish speaking team. The move has increased cooperation between the two teams. The Portuguese

Channel has started up-link operations in 2009 from Bolivia. The Network broadcasts material

produced in Brasil and elsewhere. Expansion is planned across the Portuguese speaking world.

Famille TV, is the newest addition to the TV Channels, and it broadcasts in French. It holds a

license from France, and is spearheaded from the Martinique in the Caribbean. Expansion is

planned for the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Daily, millions of viewers around the globe are touched by the rich spiritual programs

broadcast, and what started by faith, continues to grow in the same way and, by God’s grace, will

continue till the Lord comes.

2.5.Part of a greater Organization


The Red ADvenir Network operates as a project among other projects in Bolivia, and many

more worldwide. All of these projects are coordinated and driven by the vision of Gospel Ministries

International (GMI).

The mission of GMI is to fulfill the Gospel commission, by caring for the poor and needy,

educating them and doing evangelism. Currently, the organization manages the following

institutions: seven schools, two children’s homes, two prison ministries, five media production, and

five teams of medical aviation. These projects are located in all continents. GMI is governed by

administrative and directive boards and spearheaded by David Gates, its founder. Operations are

financed through prayer and faith. Funds are all voluntary donations from people whose hearts God

has touched and are impressed to contribute.

GMI is staffed predominantly by volunteers. They are motivated by God’s love to work in

many areas.

The mass-media activity is carried forward at different centers in the world. The center in

Bolivia, is home to the Red ADvenir Spanish TV Network, and also up-links networks in Portuguese,

English and French. Other centers around the world, host European and Asian languages.

The ADvenir TV network is the oldest and most established satellite network in the group. It

has been used heavily in several regions of Latin America to spread the Gospel. Its infrastructure has

been expanded to cost-effectively integrate TV networks in additional languages, and the experience

has been used to replicate media centers at other venues.


In Bolivia, GMI serves as an umbrella organization not only for TV broadcasting but for other

projects as well, amongst others: an expanding medical aviation program, prison ministries, a

technical school and orphanages. As an important synergy with the TV ministry, there is also an

expanding radio ministry. It uses part of the infrastructure from Red ADvenir to prepare its


2.6.Evangelism and Red ADvenir

Traditional evangelism is centered around the preparation of public campaigns and the

follow-up of the results. Potential audiences are targeted either with word of mouth or public


Since the entrance of Red ADvenir’s TV signal in several regions of Latin America,

evangelistic efforts in these areas have changed significantly and have created a number of

cooperative efforts:

Building upon the TV Signal: The earliest efforts in this area were to conduct surveys to

measure the impact of the TV signal in the area. The findings of these surveys were then used to

adapt local evangelistic campaigns.


For example, since 2004, evangelistic campaigns were run in Colombia where the ADvenir

Network has the largest viewer audience. These efforts took into full consideration the silent work of

our network. And it is not uncommon today, to find churches that carry the ADvenir Network logo

on their building. This is a witness of the impact the TV signal has had in opening doors for sowing

and reaping souls for the kingdom.

Local Campaigns with TV Evangelists: Latin American countries have also requested the

presence of tele-evangelists broadcasted by the network. Furthermore, the network is actively

involved in some of these projects. Pastor Parada, who heads evangelistic and pastoral activities at

the Network, has participated and led first-hand, several of these campaigns. The results remind us

of Pentecost. On one such campaigns in Bogotá, Colombia, (2008) Pastor Parada was invited as one

of the speakers (several evangelistic campaigns were conducted throughout the city) and over a

hundred pastors (from several countries) assisted in the efforts. The Lord blessed the efforts and

more than 2,500 persons were baptized.. The campaign was coordinated by Pastor Aicardo Arias,

who had been also airing Bible studies on our Network .

Bible Studies: Since 2008, a new type of campaign is being aired jointly with the Colombian

Union of Seventh-day Adventists. It features “The faith of Jesus” Bible study course as a TV program,

shown at different times, three times a week. Viewers follow the courses per television; local workers

assist in the integration of the viewers to the local churches. The Bible studies also aid in nurturing

existing church members who can review and deepen their biblical understanding.


Initiate evangelistic efforts: in Bolivia and, at times in other countries, the TV Network has

initiated a local evangelistic effort. Once the effort is broadcast, it helps the host country to reach its

own audience. Currently, in Bolivia, four campaigns are planned in major cities of the country. The

coverage provided in these cities by the TV signal, highly increases the outreach potential of the

campaigns. Many TV viewers come in touch with the Seventh-day Adventist Church through this

media and decide to join the church.

The Lord has used these types of efforts together with the TV signal, to transform the spiritual

“landscape” of entire regions, where citizens have decided to adopt biblical standards.

In turn, these combined evangelistic efforts have created an even greater demand for the TV

signal. As a result, some local cable distribution companies have offered to pay to rebroadcast the

signal. The signal however, is always rebroadcast free of charge. This is part of the network’s


2.7.GMI in Bolivia

The areas of ministry of GMI in Bolivia are as follows:



There is an orphanage named “Familia Feliz” in Rurrenabaque. Its a home where orphan

children of different ages find a happy family. They have a school, are fed and receive love and

medical attention.

GMI also operates a technical school at Guayaramerin called “Richard Gates

Technical School” where youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18 have the opportunity to be part

of the campus there. They receive an academic and technical education.

Aviation and Health

The work done by mission pilots and volunteers is to evacuate the sick from different

communities. These are transferred to places where they receive medical help because in their

communities there are neither means nor medical personnel to assist them. So, the missionary

volunteers supply those needs through personal care and donations. The needs are many and of all

kinds, personal, medical and financial. But, loving the people in need is the principal motor to press

forward, helping and learning to value health and life in view of all the needs that exist.

Also, the aviation team transport volunteer personnel to different fields of work, mainly to

the academic and technical schools in the country.


Radio Altiplano ADvenir, broadcasts from La Paz, the Bolivian capital, across the Bolivian

Andean plateau. The radio station was used for commercial purposes before being purchased to

spread the gospel. The radio is staffed by a very dedicated local team in La Paz and supported by a


team working at the TV studios of Red ADvenir, in Santa Cruz. The programs are broadcasted in

Spanish and two of the local languages spoken in these areas: Aimara and Quechua. Through

programs of health, family, preaching, music, and testimonies, listeners are inspired to face daily

trials, while they look forward to the second coming of Christ.

ADvenir Network

This network operates from the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, delivering a message of hope,

peace and love to the public in general and reaching different Spanish speaking countries: It also has

expanded to include production or uplink additional channels in other languages (English, French

and Portuguese).


The programs at Red ADvenir deal with the whole sphere of human life and aim at targeting

every age group.

Programs of a spiritual nature call for earnest reflection and teach biblical truths. These

include sermons and live events, like evangelistic campaigns or weeks of spiritual emphasis,

produced locally and /or overseas. We also broadcast popular programs such as “It is Written” and


“Amazing Facts.” The main feature program in this section is called “Source of Living Water” where a

number of different speakers are presented.

Some programs highlight prophecy and current events. Speakers show how the Bible has

foretold key historical events in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Our aim is to help

viewers understand the signs of the end through the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. 19:10).

Viewers are encouraged to study and ponder these fulfillments in the light of history and present

happenings, and thus be motivated to prepare for the return of Christ.

A segment of our spiritual programming includes documentaries and dramatization of

historical figures and periods of the Christian Church.

Other programs explore the harmony of biblical faith in the light of current scientific

discoveries. We also highlight contemporary mission projects around the world, and how volunteers

are impacting the world for the better.

Other features want to encourage peace, relaxation and a meditative mood. These are music

based programs and are often placed after the airing of a sermon or of a series calling for earnest

reflection. There are programs with music and nature scenes (“Moments of Peace”) while other

music programs present choirs and singers (“Melodies of Praise”) and finally, there are programs

where the audience is encouraged to sing along (“Together in Praise”).

Movies with a moral background and devoid of objectionable content are also broadcast.


Another area that receives attention is that of relationships, mainly in the contexts of

marriage and parenting. Programs can run in segments of half an hour but also as tips that last just

a minute.

Lifestyle issues are included in our programming– mostly nutrition and cooking. The viewers

enter the “kitchen” and learn how to prepare delicious and healthy food. Through these programs

they are encouraged to switch to a wholesome and balanced plant based diet. On the same venue,

health programs feature professionals who talk about different diseases and their prevention. Some

programs look at traditional medicine, and others consider alternative natural methods (like


There are gender specific programs. For example there is a series dealing with women only,

where topics such as health, beauty, children, work, and married life are discussed.

Our programming targets children as well. These programs focus on instruction coupled

with entertainment; and use a palette of programs such as cartoons, music, teaching and children’s


2.9. The ADvenir Network Growth

With God’s blessing the message is growing in Bolivia and throughout the world. The

network at a national level began its activities in October of 2002, in the most important cities of

Bolivia in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz, El Alto, Sucre and Tarija. Later it expanded to smaller

cities in the country.


The spreading of God’s message through this means of communication has extended to cable

television companies reaching most towns in Bolivia, but also other countries like Peru, Columbia

and Venezuela. And currently across the Americas and Europe.

The broadcasting TV Channels in additional languages is taking the outreach to a truly global

dimension. Each channel is starting strong in their native areas of operation and expanding where

the same language is spoken.